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Lightness of Being Herbal Formula

This Tri-Doshic herbal formula contains herbs that are Shakti Infused with Mantra. It is ideal to take before Yoga or Meditation as it enhances Awareness. You will also find that it increases Energy, Focus, Clarity, & Peace of Mind. It performs the unique action of cleansing the Nadis, the Channels of Subtle Energy.

This Ayurvedic Herbal Churna is delicious as a hot tea.  To take, use 1/2 tsp in a mug of hot water – ideally in the morning or in the afternoon.  If taking before practicing Yoga Asanas, you may want to use less water – as a tummy full of water may be uncomfortable before certain types of yoga (or drink about 1/2 hour before beginning your practice).  This Herbal Formula is also ideal to take before seeing the Awaken Within Yoga DVD of restorative Yoga Postures for the Chakras. Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta Grass Valley, CA 95945
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