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Insomnia and Fatigue

Fatigue & Difficulty Sleeping

by Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta

Feeling fatigued during the day and having difficulty sleeping is usually from an imbalanced Vata dosha (the subdosha of Prana Vata which is in the head and brain). Vata Dosha governs the nervous system and the NS is affected by the stress in our lives. It is important for you to recognize what are the main stressers in your life, then take the necessary steps to correct the situation. So often in our everyday hectic lives, we do not take the time to have moments of peace and calmness.

Vata Dosha is aggravated by irregular schedules, fitting too much into the day, trying to do three things at once, and by not focusing on whatever we are doing at the moment. After years of having this erratic schedule, the vata dosha accumulates and then becomes some type of symptom such as fatigue or insomnia.

You will need to take a deep look at your daily routine. Remember that old saying “early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”? Well, it must have come from an ayurvedic practioner. It is important to be in bed by 10 pm. The hours of sleep between 10pm and midnight are worth twice as much as the hours afterwards. If we go to bed too much after 10pm, then pitta becomes energized and we get our second wind. It will make it much more difficult to fall asleep.

Kapha time is 6pm until 10pm, and it is a natural slowing down time for us to get ready to go to bed. But all to often we are very busy during those hours or we are having a big dinner and not taking advantage of this calming time of the evening.

You may want to assist in balancing your Vata Dosha with taking ayurvedic herbs. You may try them in combination with doing a calming Pranayama (breathing technique) called Alternate Nostril Breathing. Taking the herbs and doing the breathing technique in the evening will help you in releasing your stress from the day and therefore getting a better nights sleep.

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