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Ayurveda and Menopause / Peri-Menopause

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In my practice in Northern California / Grass Valley, CA, I have had the opportunity to see many peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women. In this article, you will find information explaining an Ayurvedic understanding of the sex hormones and get a clearer understanding of Ayurveda and menopause. Every woman will respond differently as she goes through […]


Ayurveda and Thyroid – Key to Health

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Our health is intimately connected to the functioning of the thyroid gland.  The far reaching effects of the thyroid hormone influence every cell in our body.  Metabolism, governed by this hormone, sets the pace for vitality and strength. Ayurveda and thyroid health are very important. Improving Metabolism For Better Health Ahh, yes, metabolism – how […]

Awaken Your Spine 7 Day Intensive-Ayurveda Yoga

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Awaken Your Spine 7 Day Retreat Blends the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Chiropractic. The Awaken Your Spine – Pelvic Pattern and Heart Centered Retreat. The information contained in this course is so beneficial, that it is offered as part of our Enhanced Knowledge Program. Dr. Cravatta has developed an amazing style of yoga to […]

How Digestion Affects the Making of Ama / Toxins

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In this Abundantly Healthy conference call, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta describes how Ama or toxins is created by not properly digesting your food, and how it is deposited throughout your body. How-Digestion-Affects-Making-Ama [audio:|titles=How-Digestion-Affects-Making-Ama] Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta Grass Valley, CA 95945 Ayurvedic Herbal Products – Ayurvedic Consultations – Ayurvedic Cleansing Programs – Shaktiveda Yoga (Workshops, […]

Ayurvedic Times of Day

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In our YouTube Video on the Ayurvedic Daily Routine, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta describes the importance of living in accordance with the Laws that pertain to the Ayurvedic Times of Day and how it affects the three Doshas of Vata, Pitta, & Kapha. Pay particular attention to how Dr Cravatta explains the Pitta Time of Night – […]

Abundantly Healthy Talks

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Since many of our patients have phone consultations and do not live in Northern California to attend classes in our Ayurveda Clinic, we offer you an easy method to deepen your Ayurvedic knowledge. Shaktiveda hosts a monthly free Ayurvedic conference call on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Each month features an interesting Ayurvedic topic […]

Ayurveda Health Topics

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Through her years of experience helping patients with their Ayurveda Consultation in her Northern California Ayurveda Clinic and with Ayurveda Phone Consultations, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta has written these articles so that you may look at specific health concerns with an Ayurvedic perspective.  New articles are added on a regular basis, so please check back […]

Ayurvedic Conscious Eating Habits

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Through the years of practice in our Northern California Ayurveda Clinic, we have recognized that eating in a conscious manner is integral to achieve a level of optimum health. A properly functioning digestive system is crucial to having a healthy body. Since every single cell within our bodies is made up of the food which […]

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Increases Ojas / Consciousness

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One of the Primary reasons that we should incorporate Ayurveda into our lives is to increase the flow of consciousness in our Mind/Bodies. Consciousness is manifest within us through Ojas. Ojas is the most subtle, refined level of our physiology. In the Manifest Creation it is known as Ojas. On the level of Consciousness it […]

Basics of Ayurveda

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In this section, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta of Shaktiveda has written a series of Articles designed to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of Ayurveda. Be sure to check back frequently, as new Articles will be posted on a regular basis. Experience the Joy that can be experienced by the Shaktiveda Ayurveda approach to […]