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Staying Balanced This Summer With ayurveda

Summertime is affected by Pitta Dosha.  Pitta is composed of the elements fire with a little water. Since summer is the warmest season of the year, that means that our environment will contain heat. Here are some tips for staying cool this summer.

This environmental heat can increase the fire within us and aggravate Pitta Dosha. As the summer continues on, we could have more and more of this heat buildup inside of us.

How is the heat increased within us?

Be mindful of what may increase the heat within us is very important to maintain a sense of balance and well-being.  The main way that the fire might be increased inside of us will be through our external environment, through the foods that we may eat, and through the emotions that we may experience.

Staying Balanced In Our External Environment

Our external environment can have a considerable influence upon us. Those of us who have more fire element in our body types of experience a larger influence. Also, those who have a heat imbalance such as peri and postmenopausal women. Also, anyone with inflammation in their bodies. This will include those with auto immune conditions, inflammatory joints, skin conditions, inflammation in the digest system.

It is important that we stay out of the sun, particularly in the middle part of the day between 10 AM and 2 PM .

This is what is known as pitta time day when there was more heat in the overall environment.  we know that the sun is at its highest during each time. However, it is more than just the sun because we can also experience more heat during this time of day even on a cloudy day. It is overall effect from the fire element during this time of day.

It is important that we have lunch be the main meal of the day and that will help bring balance.  Be careful not to be so busy during this time of day that you forget to eat. 

10 AM to 2 PM is not a good time to do exercise. The increase in our metabolism during this time day can increase that fire element to a level that is not beneficial for our well-being. 

How Food Affects Our Pitta Dosha

Best to avoid food and drink that would aggravate our pitta.  This would include hot, spicy food, oily food, too much salt, and drinking any alcohol.

Be sure to have cool foods such as fresh fruit, lots of fresh vegetables, and having enough protein. 

Staying Balanced With Our Emotions

Our emotions are related to the fire element. If the fire within us is aggravated, it can make it easier to be experiencing fiery emotions.

If you find yourself easily, becoming irritated or impatient, make a mental check to see if you might’ve been aggravating your fire in some manner.

Staying Cool With Herbs

Here are some of our Shaktiveda herbal products to assist in creating balance. These formulas are offered in both capsules and powder / tea form. 

Soothing Pitta Magic 

This delightful formula assists you in the moment to have a sense of ease with emotions, to decrease Pitta, to feel soothed and nurtured. Wonderful to take on a daily basis, or when you are not feeling your best emotionally and want to shift your mood. Tri-Doshic.

Joyful Heart

Joyful Heart allow us to release heaviness of the heart and encourage a positive mood. This amazing herbal formula was created to assist in releasing grief, sadness, loneliness, and despair that comes from an unfulfilled heart.  Through this releasing process, we are better able to begin the journey towards fulfillment. 

Pitta Spicing Blend

A delicious spice blend to balance Pitta Dosha, reduce inflammation, reduce gas, and soothe the digestive system. You will be amazed at how delicious this mixture can be in your favorite dishes. It makes a delicious Kitchari or Red Lentil Dahl. But, go ahead, and sprinkle it on your vegetables – we think you will really enjoy it! This is suitable for all body types – particularly those with Pitta Dosha.

Soothe Within

This formula is perfect to ease a Pitta or fiery digestion. May be used on a regular, daily basis as it is also Vata pacifying and assists in proper digestion. Those of Pitta body type will surely love it – but also great for anyone who is experiencing an uncomfortable Pitta (or fire) in their belly.

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Successful Weight Loss – 8 Ayurvedic Keys

by Dr. MaryJo Cravatta

Successful Weight Loss – 8 Ayurvedic Keys will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. Are you wondering which diet is right for you? Paleo, Vegetarian, Intermittent Fasting, Ayurvedic, Detox, Gluten Free, Vegan are just a few that you have to choose from. The mind spins just thinking about all of the dietary choices. My helpful tips will assist you with any diet you plan to use.

What if it was not so much about the food but about how and when you eat the food? Implementing these proper diet plan while incorporating some practical recommendations will enhance the diet plan of your choosing. Try including these 8 suggestions on a daily basis. These ayurvedic principles are designed to enhance whatever diet plan you may choose.

Focus On The Food For Successful Weight Loss

Allowing yourself to be distracted while eating draws your awareness from your stomach and into your head. This increases your probability of eating a few bites too many. Perhaps you are not greatly over eating, but it can be the calories from those few extra nibbles that interfere with shedding those extra pounds. Recommendation: Do not use your phone, watch television, use the computer, drive your car, or talk excessively while eating. Sit quietly and listen to what your body may be telling you. This suggestion is one of the most important of the 8 keys to successful weight loss.

Avoid Cold Food Or Drinks

A strong burning Digestive Fire is necessary to properly process your food. This fiery catalyst is composed of gastric juices, enzymes, HCl, and bile. Putting anything cold into your mouth will dampen the fire and decrease your chances of complete digestion. Your body will store this as toxins and excess weight. Recommendation: Do not have iced drinks while eating or ice cream for desert. Wait several hours between meals if you feel the need for something cold.

Always Sit Down To Eat

Eating while standing up or in a moving car will snuff out your Digestive Fire. Think of holding a burning candle and what happens if you jump up and begin to walk or run – poof, out goes the flame. Recommendation: Resist the urge to get up and down while eating and remain seated for at least 5 – 10 minutes after you are finished.

Eat Your Main Meal At Lunch For Successful Weight Loss

This gives you many more hours in the day to fully digest and burn off these calorie rich foods. Nature’s daily cycles support a brightly burning Digestive Fire in this active, middle part of the day. Recommendation: Best to eat animal protein and fatty foods during lunch. Choose lighter foods for the evening meal.

Do not eat after 7pm For Successful Weight Loss

As the sun is beginning to set, the digestive fire within us is waning. As evening approaches, we are preparing to settle down for the night. Ideally, dinner will be finished by 7pm. Many times, if we desire to snack after dinner, it is due to restlessness or dissatisfaction and not because we are hungry. Recommendation: Eat a smaller portion of easily digested food for the evening meal – you will have deeper sleep and increased energy the next morning.

Only eat when Hungry For Successful Weight Loss

This may sound obvious, but many times we eat out of habit, boredom, or because others are munching. Hunger in the belly is an indication that we have true Digestive Fire. Be aware that your head may try to convince you otherwise. Recommendation: When you “think” it is time to eat, sit quietly and ask yourself if your digestion is really stoked – many times, drinking some water is all that you may need.

Drink Ginger Tea With Meals For Successful Weight Loss

Having a delicious cup of ginger tea with or after meals will maximize your ability to completely digest your food. Many cultures have used this fiery root over the centuries with much success. Recommendation: Use a ginger tea bag or ½ tsp of fresh grated ginger in hot water. Let steep for 5 minutes and enjoy either during your meal or as a soothing desert.

Stop Eating Before You Are Full For Successful Loss

Our last of the 8 keys to successful weight loss is easy if you follow the other 7. The sense of satisfaction may be delayed for several minutes as the signals are relayed to your brain. If you eat until you are full, within just a few minutes, this may turn into slight discomfort. Ideally, finishing the meal will a little extra “space” within the stomach will allow for ease of digestion. Recommendation: Resist the urge to be part of the “clean plate club”. Be mindful of how much you are eating and listen to the bodily may be communication.

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Importance of using an Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraping Benefits

Perhaps you’ve heard of the benefits of scraping your tongue in the morning? The tongue represents the whole entire body, and by scraping you are stimulating the release of toxins within every tissue in your body, including your internal organs.

Have you ever seen a coating on your tongue in the morning? If you have not paid attention, I would suggest that tomorrow morning to look at your tongue. 

The tongue can be categorized into three sections. The first section is by the tip of your tongue. This represents your head, neck and upper shoulders. This also includes the thyroid. 

The second section relates to your chest, lungs, thoracic spine, your shoulders, and your heart – both your physical heart and emotional heart. 

The third section is going to include your digestive system, your reproductive organs, your low back, including your hips and sacroiliac joints, along with  all the organs in your pelvic bowl. 

When you look at your tongue in the morning, make note of where you may see more of this coating, which may be white or yellowish or grayish. These colors relate to what doshic (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) imbalance may be associated with your Ama.

Superior Qualities of a Copper Tongue Scraper

At Shaktiveda, we recommend that you use a copper tongue scraper because of it’s superior qualities over any other material. Copper is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal.  Using copper for your tongue scraper helps decrease bacteria in your entire mouth. This will help with having healthier gums and fresher breath.

Copper will also aid in maintaining healthy enamel for your teeth. 

Using a copper tongue, scraper simulates the release of ama and toxins throughout your entire body. Using the copper tongue scraper on a regular daily basis assists you in overall health of your body.  

Proper Technique of Tongue Scraping

I recommend that you scrape each morning using our copper tongue scraper. After brushing your teeth, gently run the wider part of the tongue scraper from the back of your tongue to the front of your tongue. Be sure not to go too far back on your tongue as this may feel uncomfortable.

You do not need to press too firmly as you scrape. After each scrape, run the tongue scraper under water and then repeat the process until you no longer see any coating coming off of your tongue. 

Be sure to thoroughly rinse your copper tongue scraper when you are finished. Dry your copper tongue scraper and it will be ready for your use the next morning. 

Our Shaktiveda Copper Tongue Scraper comes in an adorable reusable Shaktiveda bag.

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Ayurveda and Oral Health

Ayurveda and Oral Health

Importance of Ayurveda and Oral Health

Having a properly functioning digestive system is very important to have good health. The process of digestion begins within our mouths and is key to Ayurveda and Oral Health. Our salivary glands are the first phase of digestion of starches. But did you know there are many other roles that saliva takes?

Without saliva, our mouths would be very dry along with making our throats dry. This in turn affects our ability to moisten food to make it easier to chew and to swallow.

One of the duties of saliva is to protect our teeth from demineralization . This happens by diluting acidic foods to avoid erosion. This super fluid within our mouth also helps to protect against infection because it contains the enzyme lysozyme. This enzyme assists in preventing overgrowth of oral bacteria.

Ayurveda and Oral Health suggests oil pulling

Ayurveda and oral health suggests oil pulling at least once per day. Place 1 tablespoon of sesame oil in our mouth and swish for approximately 15 minutes. This allows the saliva to cleanse itself and become a better environment for the mouth. 

As we oil pull, more saliva is released from the salivary glands. Many people believe that this assists in cleansing the lymphatic system. This cleansing will assist in improving your immune system.

Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil

At Shaktiveda Ayurveda, we recommend to use sesame oil as it is an antioxidant and very beneficial to the delicate gum tissue. Many times someone may have receding gums due to a long-term chronic Vata imbalance. Sesame oil is balancing to Vata Dosha while not aggravating the other two doshas. 

When the saliva is no longer at its optimal, this change within the mouth can affect the pH of the mouth. With this change, bacteria will have the perfect environment to be growing. This will cause you to have more plaque

Shaktiveda Gum Assist Oil

Our Gum Assist oil is specifically made to help keep the environment within your mouth healthy and balanced. You may apply some with your finger, put it on a little dental brush, or you may add a few drops to your oil that you will use for oil pulling.

Copper Tongue Scrapers

We are excited to let you know that we will be adding copper tongue scrapers to our list of available items. We had these made from a dental company that carries quality and safe products. As an added bonus, when you purchase one of our copper tongue scrapers, we will be giving you an adorable bag with the Shaktiveda logo. Our next newsletter will have an article on the benefits of using copper to scrape your tongue. Not on our newsletter list? You may subscribe to our newsletter by adding your email address by using the link on our Home page.

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Ayurveda and the Liver

The human body is a miraculous combination of our brain, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system along with many other vital organs. One of the primary players is the liver which is key to our health and vitality. Continue to read more about Ayurveda and the Liver.

Ayurveda and the Liver Functions

The liver, a major organ located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. Essential duties of the liver include detoxification of our blood and other organs, synthesis of numerous biochemicals such as the making of proteins, hormones, and a wide variety of enzymes necessary for bodily and mental processes. Our metabolism is greatly influenced by liver health as it governs the regulation of glycogen storage and when needed releases glucose into the blood to maintain blood sugar levels. The production of cholesterol and triglycerides are performed by the liver. Bile is necessary to begin the digestion of fats. All and all, there are approximately 500 different bodily functions managed within these three pounds of special tissue. 

The Liver is a Pitta Organ

In Ayurveda, the liver is known as Ranjaka Pitta one of the 5 Subdoshas of Pitta Dosha. Those of us who have a bit of Pitta in our Ayurvedic Body Type will have a greater tendency to have a Ranjaka Pitta imbalance. However, anyone could develop an imbalance in the liver / Ranjaka Pitta. The liver is related to the Navel chakra and the Fire element. 

Inflammation of the Liver

The liver is adversely affected by our choices in food, lifestyle, chemicals, alcohol, prescription medicines, stress, malnutrition, air pollution, and negative thoughts / emotions. This variety of liver stressors will increase inflammation within this essential organ.

Toxins in the Liver

Food choices, food coloring, food additives, preservatives, byproducts of metabolism are among the toxins that will inflame or harm the liver. 

Ayurveda and the Liver Quality of Life

When the liver is inflamed, the numerous functions are adversely affected. This can slowly develop over the years. On day, you realize that you are not feeling well. Your reproductive hormones may be affected along with your thyroid hormones. Blood lipid levels, blood sugar levels, liver enzymes, along with respiratory, clarity of thinking, skin issues, sleep, energy levels, digestion, immunity, auto immune diseases, are just a few aspects of your mind / body that might be affected.  As everyone is an individual, we will all respond in our own way with differing symptoms. One thing is evident, the quality of life and ability to age gracefully will be decreased. 

What Can We do to Balance the Liver?

Shaktiveda Liver Group Cleanse is designed to address the effects of the variety of stressors and inflammation within your liver. 

Our group cleanse is designed for everyone to benefit. We offer several options so that it can be customized for your particular concerns and needs. We will be offering our Shaktiveda Group Cleanse 3 times per year – Winter, Spring, and Autumn. The cleanse is offered in two parts with both parts being 14 days. You may choose Part 1 or Part 2 depending on your cleansing needs or decide to join both parts. Most people will join Part 1 (liver cleanse) if they will only be doing one part.

Liver Cleanse and Liver Flush

Ranjaka Shodhana (Liver Cleansing) herbalized oil is taken for the first 5 nights to loosen and release toxins and imbalances from the liver – both physically and emotionally. We are now offering the option to add a liver flush aspect to our liver cleanse. You will need to begin taking our Liver Assist formula and Guggulu at least 10 days before the cleanse begins to soften and loosen the fatty deposits in the liver. Most cleansers do the liver flush aspect of the cleanse and you may also do a second liver flush if you also attend Part 2.

We believe that it is important to not only have a healthy liver to create balance, but also to have balance within our hormones – thyroid and reproductive. During her informative cleanse conference calls, she places an emphasis on sharing information on these and other topics to assist you in creating health and wellbeing within your life.

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Balance Pitta: Five Ayurvedic Tips

Summer time is related to Pitta Dosha. Pitta Dosha is a combination of fire and water. Fire in the environment is increased during summer time. When we bring balance to this fire element within ourselves and in our environment, then our summer is smoother and much more enjoyable. Here are some important tips to balance pitta.

Tip #1: Avoid Fiery Foods

To balance Pitta do not aggravate the fire element with your food choices. Three tastes aggravate, Pitta Dosha: pungent, sour and salt. Pungent taste is hot and spicy. Eating foods with a lot of garlic, onions, chilies or mustard will increase the fire within you. 

Excessively salty foods such as chips and popcorn will increase Pitta Dosha.

Sour taste such as vinegar, kombucha, and tomatoes sneakily aggravate the fire element.

Tip #2: Balance pitta with the Navel Chakra

Did you know that not only Pungent, Sour, and Salty Tastes aggravate Pitta but alcohol also greatly increases the fire element within us? We can actually burn alcohol, and that can give you an idea of how much fire is inherent with an alcohol. 

There are plenty of delightful drinks to have during the summer that do not include alcohol. The fire within alcohol adversely affects the liver. Your liver is governed by the Navel Chakra which is related to the Fire element. You may find doing the Navel chakra pose on the Awaken Within Yoga DVD very balancing to your Fire element. The mantra for the Navel chakra is Ram – pronounced like RUM.

Alcohol in yogic / ayurvedic terms, is very rajasic which will burn our sweet essence or Ojas. 

Tip #3 to balance pitta: Keep a regular routine 

Throughout the entire year, are Ayurveda recommends that lunch should be the main meal of the day because the sun is at its highest, and we have the greatest of digestive fire. During the summertime, this is greatly increased. be sure to eat a healthy balanced lunch with all six tastes. You want to have your main protein  source, your main fat source, and your main amount of calories during lunchtime. Of course, you do not want to over eat at lunchtime, because that will increase Kapha Dosha, and you could feel a little tired afterwards. You should  take 5 to 10 minutes after you’re done eating before you get up and that will help your whole digestive process. 

Another way to keep a great routine during summer is to go to bed by 10 PM. Pitta time of night begins at 10 PM. In order to bring balance to the fire within you it is important that you are asleep by 10 or perhaps 10:30 during the summertime. This allows your entire metabolism to work on healing your liver, your digestive system, and very importantly, theaspect of your brain that deals with emotions. 

Tip #4: Decreasing Fire with Food

Increasing sweet, bitter and astringent tastes in your diet is very balancing to the fire element and to balane pitta. Sweet taste is grains and oil and not just carbohydrates. Be sure to choose whole grains, which are needed for vitamins and minerals along with the energy they can provide. Bitter taste are green vegetables. Make sure to have a healthy amount of green vegetables each day. 

Overdoing it on salads may increase the air within you, so if that happens, put greater attention on cooked vegetables. Did you know that cruciferous vegetables need to be cooked in order to be better digested, and they also contain a substance that interferes with your absorption of iodine for your thyroid if they are eaten raw. 

balance pitta

Tip#5: Soothing Emotions

Watch your emotions during the summer time. We tend to be more active during the summer. We spend more time out in the sun and being more social. If you find yourself getting a little irritable or impatient with anyone, be sure to take a few moments to sit quiet to bring yourself back into balance. 

Have you ever noticed that you might become more emotional when you are hungry? If you are too hungry, this will increase the fire within you. This can make you more prone to having fiery emotions.

Our delicious formula Soothing Pitta Magic is truly magical to bring balance to Pitta Dosha on all levels. 

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Tips For A Deeper Sleep

Would you like to sleep deeper? Having a balancing bedtime routine is crucial to being able to fall asleep easily, and stay asleep. 

How To Unwind From Your Day

The first step is taking advantage of Kapha time. Kapha time of night is from 6 PM to 10 PM. The Kapha time of night allows you to unwind from your day. In order to reap the benefits, it is important that during the last  hour that we consciously try to relax. 

10pm Bedtime

Ayurveda recommends that we be in bed by 10 PM. If you stay up past 10 PM, you run the risk of getting overly excited by the fire in the environment. People with high Pitta may need to go to bed by 9 PM or 9:30 PM.

Increase The Release of Melatonin

If we honor the Kapha time of night by unwinding, beginning an hour before we go to bed. This allows our entire nervous system to relax and unwind. Our mind to be more at peace and it sets you up for having Melatonin released. If you stay active and busy and have the lights bright during the last hour before bed, it is very difficult for your brain to release enough melatonin to easily fall asleep. 

I recommend that you lower the night lights at 9 PM That you take some type of herbal nervine, such as our Peaceful Heart formula, Calm Within formula, or Jatamansi capsules. I also recommend that you take magnesium at this time. Magnesium is necessary in order for the nervous system to relax, and for your muscles to unwind and release any tension from the day. After you have taken your herbs, turn the lights down. I then recommend that you do some light stretching or perhaps ideally, you would do the root chakra pose on my awaken within yoga DVD. 

You need to avoid using any electronics as you are unwinding such as your cell phone, your computer, or watching television. Since your eyes are closed while you are doing the root chakra pose, this is not an issue. As you are finished with the pose be sure to turn the electronics off. Then, do some relaxing activities, such as taking a warm bath or sit and meditate for a few minutes. 

Experience The Darkness Of The Room

Once you are in bed, turn the lights off, and experience the darkness of the room. Experiencing the darkness of the room will assist you in continuing to release any sensations of stress.You may also find that, as you are lying down experiencing the darkness, that doing a slow, rhythmic breathing, will assist you in drifting off to sleep. 

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Healing viral infections with Ayurveda

by Dr. MaryJo Cravatta

Winter season can bring much joy with the holidays. Sharing time with family and friends, spending time shopping, and so many other delightful activities warm our hearts. However, we will also be more likely to come into contact with others that may be infected with the variety of  respiratory viruses that have been recently circulating. How can we best protect ourselves from becoming seriously ill?

Ayurveda and the Immune System

Our immune system will stay healthier if we have a balanced lifestyle, follow the Ayurvedic times of day, eat foods that are easy to digest (avoiding wheat and dairy), cleanse on a regular basis, and spend some quiet time each day either in yoga and / or meditation.

Most of these viruses will either enter through our nostrils or through our mouths. Since it is cold outside, many of us are heating our homes which can dry out our nostrils and sinuses. This dryness can affect the integrity of the tissues which makes them more susceptible to becoming infected. I have found that using a humidifier in the bedroom along with applying nasya oil regularly to our sinuses can be effective as a preventative.

Nasya Oil for Respiratory Health

Any of our nasya oils can be used for this. My favorite is Allergy Relief Nasya oil as it is deeply moisturizing and also anti-inflammatory. If you happen to be congested, you may want to try our Breathe Clear Nasya oil. To apply the oil, lay down on your back with you head extended so that you nose is pointed towards the ceiling. Exhale and hold the exhale. Using the dropper that comes in the bottle, put only two drops in each nostril.  Take a deep breath in several times to allow the oil to go up into your sinuses. Lay there for a moment before getting up. Wipe the dropper off if it had touched your nostrils so that you will keep your oil clean. If any oil went onto your throat you can drink some warm water.

Natural Therapies for the Sinuses

What can we do if we feel that we are coming down with something? Gargling with warm salt water and using a Neti pot to wash the sinuses are perfect to decrease the amount of virus that may be in our sinuses or throats. If you use a Neti Pot, be sure that ALL of the water is removed from your sinuses before you would apply any nasya oil. Have you ever used colloidal silver to address a sinus infection? Placing a few drops in each nostril will also assist in decreasing the infection. Use 50 ppm dose of colloidal silver that comes in a nasal applicator. Lie down on your back as you would as if you were using a nasya oil.

Digestion Affects our ability to fight infections

Be sure to eat lightly if you are not well so that your entire body can have more energy to fight the infection instead of trying to digest food. Have you ever heard that saying? If you feed a cold you will have to starve a fever. Many people are not hungry when they are sick – this decrease in appetite is your body’s way to improve your ability to fight the virus. Be sure to drink lots of warm water.

Anti-Viral Herbal Therapy

What herbs are good when you are sick? Drinking ginger tea several times per day is soothing and helps you to decrease Ama and toxins in the body. Having a ginger, turmeric, lemon, honey warm drink is helpful in many ways. If you are congested, you may benefit from our Congest Away tea or capsules. Our formula Neem Plus uses anti-viral herbs to assist your immune system in fighting infections. It is not only anti-viral but also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. Have you used zinc lozenges when you have some type of viral infection that has affected your throat? The zinc is anti-viral and assists in fighting the throat infection along with assisting your entire body. Zand makes a great Lemon Zinc lozenge that also contains a wonderful combination of supportive herbs.

How Emotions Affect Our Immune System

Probably most important is to get plenty of rest and to surround yourself with positive thoughts. Any negative emotions such as irritability, impatience, anger, worry or fear can adversely affect the immune response. Our bodies respond immediately to an uplifting and optimistic attitude. Filling your entire body with a sense of peace and joy allows every cell to radiate an inner state of health and well-being.

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Handling emotions with Ayurveda

We are about to enter into the holiday season with a wide variety of celebrations. These range from Thanksgiving to New Years with  many in between that we will share with family and friends. These bring about challenges about handling emotions.

During these times with those closest, have you ever noticed  having a tendency to express sides of yourself that you would never show with other people? Are the unsettled, imbalanced emotional moods conveying your true self? Why would the unpleasant behaviors come out with those that we love? This seems counter intuitive as we would want to be our most loving with the ones that mean the most to us.

As you are reading, you might be thinking that this may not only happen when you are gathered for special occasions but may be part of your daily interactions with some people in you life.

Irritation, frustration, and impatience can quickly bubble up inside without notice – without much provocation.  Fiery reactions originate from a heart that is not at peace. This may be puzzling as you may have been meditating or doing yoga for a long time. Why would this still be happening inside?

handling emotions with Ayurveda
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Those with fire and Pitta in their body type will be more prone to this type of response. But anyone can be triggered due to  inflammation and unprocessed emotions. Its time to learn about handling emotions!

Those of you who have had a consultation with me know that this is also related to your Chakra Life Lesson. Each one of us is a soul who has come into this life with a theme or a list of lessons that we will have the opportunity to work on as our life unfolds.

The key in understanding why we may have certain uncomfortable tendencies is having awareness that we have aspects of our lives that need to be acknowledged. This involves having the clarity to view ourselves with an open mind and heart. As we begin to look deeply at ourselves, it is important that we not criticize what we may find. This will impede our progress. Lovingly viewing and accepting what we may need to work on allows us to fill our being with more love and light.

Consider herbs that will help you handle emotions better.

In future newsletters, I will be writing more about this path towards finding true inner peace and inner joy within.


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Sacral Chakra & Ayurveda

The Sacral Chakra, or Swadhisthana, is the second of the body’s Energy Centers. It is located in the abdominal area between your Pubic Bone and your Navel. It is responsible for our fluidity in relation to others, our ability to relate in an intimate way, and our creative side.

This Chakra is composed of the Water Element. All of Nature is composed of a combination of the 5 Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth). Each of the first 5 Chakras are composed of one of the 5 Elements. The purpose of each Chakra is related to which Element it is composed of.

In my understanding of the Energy Centers, the Sacral Chakra is actually composed of a combination of the Root, Sacral, and Heart Centers. We all know that our interpersonal relationships can be highly complicated and complex. It is due in part of all of the Life Lessons that have the possibility of being learned as we interact with others. If we lived on a desert island by ourselves, we would have a far lesser opportunity to work on our lessons.

The Sacral chakras and the subdoshas

The Subdoshas that mostly affect the Sacral Chakra are Apana Vata and Sadhaka Pitta. Apana Vata is located in the lower abdominal area and it is a downward moving Vata. It is closely related to the Root Chakra. Sadhaka Pitta is located in the heart area and in the brain. It governs our emotional and physical heart. It is also the part of the brain that processes our experiences.

Physical concerns that are connected to the Sacral Chakra may be: menstrual problems (uterus, ovaries, cervix), prostate problems, sacroiliac joint, sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, menopause, male and female hormone problems, lower back issues, hip replacement, bladder, uterine fibroid tumors, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vaginal concerns, urogenital concerns in general.

Emotional concerns that are connected to the Sacral Chakra may be: feeling stuck, doubting intuition, fear of abandonment, not easily satisfied, not relating to others, difficulty in opening up to others, social status, financial security, boundaries in relationships, this is the place where fantasy begins as we interact with our family and friends.

Since we are a mind / body connection, it is very important that we realize that our thoughts and emotions will have an impact upon our body. Physical problems that arise from Second Chakra issues are very common. The old, unprocessed emotions will make a “sticky” type of emotional ama (toxins) that can be difficult to remove. Once we are set in our patterns, they appear to be normal to us. Holding on to old past hurts, sadness, and disappointments with others will find their way into the Sacral Chakra. We need to first recognize that they are there, and then begin to take the steps to eliminate them.

Treating the sacral chakra

There are many wonderful ways to address the Sacral Chakra imbalances. A multi dimensional approach is usually best.

Yes, it is good to put attention on the physical manifestation of the imbalance with Ayurveda, Yoga Asanas, Massage, Western Medicine, Chiropractic, etc – but, the deeper underlying concerns must be taken into account in order to free yourself of the possibility that problems won’t come back in the future.

Mantra for the sacral chakra

The Mantra for the Sacral Chakra is Vam. Gently repeating this mantra while putting your attention on your abdominal area will assist in the healing process. Many find it helpful to fall asleep at night with their hands placed on their abdomen and silently repeating the Mantra Vam.

At Shaktiveda, we approach all concerns with first looking at what may be the subtle causes. In the pulse, there is a layer that will indicate what Chakra and Layer of the Etheric Body (Kosha) someone is working on. With this understanding, it makes it much easier to fully address the health concerns on all levels.

Experience the Joy that can be experienced by the Shaktiveda Ayurveda approach to health and well being.