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Ayurveda and Oral Health

Ayurveda and Oral Health

Importance of Ayurveda and Oral Health

Having a properly functioning digestive system is very important to have good health. The process of digestion begins within our mouths and is key to Ayurveda and Oral Health. Our salivary glands are the first phase of digestion of starches. But did you know there are many other roles that saliva takes?

Without saliva, our mouths would be very dry along with making our throats dry. This in turn affects our ability to moisten food to make it easier to chew and to swallow.

One of the duties of saliva is to protect our teeth from demineralization . This happens by diluting acidic foods to avoid erosion. This super fluid within our mouth also helps to protect against infection because it contains the enzyme lysozyme. This enzyme assists in preventing overgrowth of oral bacteria.

Ayurveda and Oral Health suggests oil pulling

Ayurveda and oral health suggests oil pulling at least once per day. Place 1 tablespoon of sesame oil in our mouth and swish for approximately 15 minutes. This allows the saliva to cleanse itself and become a better environment for the mouth. 

As we oil pull, more saliva is released from the salivary glands. Many people believe that this assists in cleansing the lymphatic system. This cleansing will assist in improving your immune system.

Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil

At Shaktiveda Ayurveda, we recommend to use sesame oil as it is an antioxidant and very beneficial to the delicate gum tissue. Many times someone may have receding gums due to a long-term chronic Vata imbalance. Sesame oil is balancing to Vata Dosha while not aggravating the other two doshas. 

When the saliva is no longer at its optimal, this change within the mouth can affect the pH of the mouth. With this change, bacteria will have the perfect environment to be growing. This will cause you to have more plaque

Shaktiveda Gum Assist Oil

Our Gum Assist oil is specifically made to help keep the environment within your mouth healthy and balanced. You may apply some with your finger, put it on a little dental brush, or you may add a few drops to your oil that you will use for oil pulling.

Copper Tongue Scrapers

We are excited to let you know that we will be adding copper tongue scrapers to our list of available items. We had these made from a dental company that carries quality and safe products. As an added bonus, when you purchase one of our copper tongue scrapers, we will be giving you an adorable bag with the Shaktiveda logo. Our next newsletter will have an article on the benefits of using copper to scrape your tongue. Not on our newsletter list? You may subscribe to our newsletter by adding your email address by using the link on our Home page.