Shaktiveda Yoga Teacher Training

Shaktiveda Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hours

Shaktiveda Yoga is based on the knowledge / philosophy from the lineage of Kriya Babaji and Krishanand. It is a style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes the importance of a balance in the flow of Subtle Energy. Traditional Yoga Asanas will be taught in a manner in which one is in proper alignment physically while maintaing a sense of peace and ease – and then extending this throughout the layers of the Etheric Body.

An understanding of the Chakras and the Koshas (Layers) are taught in depth – this allows the student to become more in tune with how their overall health is affected by their Subtle Bodies.

The 200 hour Curriculum includes the learning of three sets of Asana practice.

Upon completion of the Course, the Yoga Teacher will have learned how to teach these three 1 1/2 hour Yoga Sets:

Awaken Within Yoga – Restorative Yoga Asanas for each Chakra

Awaken Your Spine – Hatha Yoga Asanas that bring Health, Flexibility, and Strength to the Spine

Awaken Throughout – Hatha Yoga Asanas that facilitate a sense of Well Being, Flexibility, Strength, and Improved Life Force.

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2012 Course to be taught in Northern California. Please contact our office for the application and for more information.

Module 1 – Awaken Within Yoga

This course includes learning Awaken Within Yoga. It is the first of three Modules (200 hours) to become a Shaktiveda Yoga Instructor. It is taught in a 7 day Retreat atmosphere – allowing each participant to go deep into learning this Chakra clearing style of Restorative Yoga, along with working on their own life lessons. This method of teaching brings greater clarity and an understanding of the flow of consciousness inside each individual. It is designed for those who wish to become Shaktiveda Yoga Instructors along with those who would like to work lovingly with intension on themselves.

Prequisite: Viewing of the Awaken Within Yoga DVD and/or participating in Awaken Within Yoga classes

Module 2 – Awaken Your Spine Yoga

This course includes learning Awaken Your Spine Yoga. It is taught in a 7 day Retreat style..

Module 3 – Awaken Throughout Yoga

This course includes learning Awaken Throughout Yoga.