Shaktiveda Yoga Therapist Program

Shaktiveda Yoga Therapist Program – 300 hours

This Program is designed for the Yoga Teacher who would like to delve deeper into the study of Yoga and how to deepen the healing aspects of Yoga. Throughout her many years of being a Chiropractor, daily meditation / yoga, and her practice as an Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta has developed a style that goes to the underlying imbalances within an individual so that true healing can begin.

The Program will include the study of all aspects of the physical body along with an understanding of the subtler aspects. These will include marma therapy (vital energy points), Anatomy, Physiology, how Yoga Asanas can be done for specific imbalances, Shaktiveda Yoga Physical Therapy, Affects of Mantras, Methods to allow the bones to re-align themselves, Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy, and so much more! The next offering will be in the Spring of 2012.