Marma Therapy Program


The Shaktiveda Advanced Studies Marma Therapy Program  series of courses will allow you to have a broad and deep understanding of the Marma system. Each course goes into great detail about where the points are, how they affect the mind/body, and how to bring balance to the points.  You will learn specific sequence of points designed by Dr. Cravatta.

What is taught:

  • Marma Basics – Course 1 and Course 2 – both offered as part of our long distance training.  Course 1 is a prerequisite for Course 2.  Shaktiveda Advanced Studies Subdosha Course and the Awaken Within Retreat are prerequisites for Marma Basics Course 1 & 2.
  • Spinal Marma – Course 3, 4, and 5 – all offered in person class setting for hands on experience.  Courses 1 & 2 are prerequisites for Courses 3, 4, & 5.

                    Course 3 – Vata and Pitta Balancing Marma sequence taught as an oil Abhyanga – 3 Days

                    Course 4 – Head, Neck, and Shoulder Balancing Marma sequence – 3 Days

                    Course 5 – Pelvic Bowl, Sacrum, and Lumbar Spine Balancing Marma sequence – 3 Days

Classes may be taken as part of our 300 Hour Advanced Knowledge Program, or may be taken as a separate Marma Certification Course. To be qualified for the certification, you must have completed all 5 courses. In addition, you must document completing 3 practice sessions of each therapy and completed the necessary homework assignments for the Marma Basics Courses.  Prerequisite for all 5 Marma Courses is our Shaktiveda Subdosha Course and our Awaken Within Retreat.  These courses are the foundation of truly understanding Marma Therapy.