Shaktiveda Pulse Diagnosis Course

Our Shaktiveda Pulse Diagnosis Course is taught as a 4 Day Workshop. To qualify to take the Pulse Course, you must have completed our 3 Day

Delve Into Ayurveda Course.

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Pulse Diagnosis 4 Day Workshop

Designed to build the foundation for successful pulse diagnosis. Dr. Cravatta will teach the basics including: Superficial or Vikriti Pulse, Body Type or Prakriti Pulse, and the 15 Subdoshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Learning to feel the Subdoshas in the pulse is key to truly understanding what needs to be addressed  to bring balance within the client. Our Delve Into Ayurveda Course teaches Dr. Cravatta’s innovative and profound approach to the 15 Subdoshas. This is why attending our Subdosha course and then learning how to actually experience the Subdoshas in the pulse greatly enhances your ability to be effective. Those who have taken both of these courses will be eligible to apply for apprenticeship with Dr. Cravatta.

Please contact Shaktiveda to receive the application to apply for this course.

This is a rare opportunity to study in person with a pulse master. Dr. Cravatta will share the knowledge that she has learned in more than 3 decades of practicing Pulse Diagnosis. This is going to be a “hands on” type of a course.

Dates: To be announced

Fee: $1,260 if paid in full 14 days before the course – includes an Ayurvedic vegan lunch

$1,400 if paid after 14 days before the course

Refund Policy

Location: Shaktiveda

Hours: 10am to 5pm