Subtle Awareness Technique (SAT) Meditation

Subtle Awareness Technique allows your mind to become quiet and at peace. In this mantra meditation course, you will be taught a personal mantra chosen to facilitate connection with Unbounded Awareness and the release of cellular  memory. This assists in creating greater harmony within your life. This knowledge has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years from the lineage of Sri Kriya Babaji. 

Experiencing your mind at rest, affecting your brain wave patterns, and being able to tap into Pure Awareness on a regular basis is key to bringing true health to the individual.  You will go into the Unbounded Awareness and go to a place beyond time and space.  With daily practice, you begin to bring the qualities of Pure Awareness into your daily life.  This is bringing “Light” into your life.  This is the process of becoming Enlightened.

The SAT instructor will be your guide in learning this life changing, profound meditation technique. They will explain the effects of the mantra in your mind – and how this deep rest to your nervous system affects your entire mind / body. You will learn how to prepare your mind for meditation and how to easily fit it into your daily life. If you are taught by someone other than Dr. MaryJo Cravatta, your instructor will contact Dr. Cravatta before the class begins to learn what your special healing sound vibration, or mantra will be. If you are being taught by Dr. Cravatta, she will feel your Ayurvedic pulse in the class to determine which mantra is appropriate for you. If you are attending an online meditation class, she uses distance Nadi Vigyan in order to choose your mantra. The mantra is a sound with a special resonance which creates harmony within. The affects of this subtle vibration are experienced on every level of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your special mantra and the understanding of the proper method of meditation are the keys to obtaining life changing results.

The course is taught in two classes settings. Upon completing the first class, the students will then have the opportunity to experience incorporating a meditation routine.  Several days later, everyone will met again to discuss experiences, ask questions, and to delve a little more into this ancient wisdom. Continuing a daily practice will allow for a greater unfolding of benefits over time.

The SAT Course may also be taught as part of a meditation retreat. Dr. Cravatta offers a variety of meditation classes and retreats. Dr. Cravatta believes that tapping into pure awareness is at the foundation of assisting others with Yoga or Ayurveda.

A popular class is called SAT Chakra. It combines learning the SAT technique along with specific mantras to clear the Chakras. Balancing your Chakras before beginning the SAT meditation each day will allow you experience more expansion of awareness in your daily program. This will facilitate the release of more cellular memory and emotional ama that may be interfering with your personal journey.

Shaktiveda also offers a SAT Meditation Instructor Training for those who are prepared to take this special journey to assist others in learning meditation. Our Ayurveda Yoga  Therapist 500 Hour Program is one of the prerequisites for this training. Please contact our office for more details on this.