Ayurveda Yoga Program

Our Enhanced Knowledge Program contains a Yoga Emphasis – allowing you to deepen your understanding of Ayurveda Yoga and how to utilize this information for your well being. 

The Awaken Within 5 Day Retreat

The Awaken Within Yoga Retreat is a transformational Course taught in an atmosphere which allows you to go deep within. It is designed for you to learn subtleties of the Chakras & Kosha AND to facilitate your own personal growth and inward Journey. You will learn Restorative Yoga Asanas that facilitate the release of imbalances in the Chakras, a deeper understanding of the Awaken Within Affirmations, and the profound Shaktiveda Philosophy.  Dr. Cravatta will be introducing the guided meditation “Inner Divinity”.

In the morning, we begin with Shaktiveda Yoga to release cellular memory – a time for you to practice yoga asanas while incorporating the Divine Seven Fold Path.  Then Pranayama and group practice of Subtle Awareness Technique Meditation with a mantra that was chosen by what is indicated in the pulse.  Doing Shaktiveda Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation sets the stage to release and unwind from old patterns, thoughts, beliefs, and cellular memory that is interfering with our experiencing the joy that life has to offer.  Then our days are full of inspiring teachings on Ayurveda, Chakras, Koshas, Nadis, Life Lessons, and how to release from the past.  Each morning, we will practice “Inner Divinity” – a guided meditation to balance the Chakras.  Each afternoon we will be guided through Awaken Within Chakra Yoga to assist in a gentle unfolding and release.  Then a delightful  ayurvedic vegetarian dinner followed by a knowledge filled evening.

This is a powerful and transforming 5 day retreat.

Fee:  $897  plus $150 for Ayurvedic vegetarian meals

Please contact us for suggestions of places to stay.  The course is held at Shaktiveda Ranch – approximately 5 miles south of the city of Grass Valley.

The prerequisite for this Course is to view the Awaken Within Yoga DVD and to have had a consultation with Dr. Cravatta. There is a layer in the pulse that indicates our Chakra / Kosha Life Lesson. You will want to have an understanding of this as you attend the course. (Dr. Cravatta is blessed with the siddhi to feel distance pulse.)  The fee for the consultation is in addition to the course fee.


Awaken Your Spine 7 Day Retreat – Pelvic Pattern and  Heart Centered

The Awaken Your Spine – Pelvic Pattern and Heart Centered Retreat.  The information contained in this course is so beneficial, that it is part of our newly developed 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program along with being offered as part of our Enhanced Knowledge Program.

Dr. Cravatta has developed an amazing style of yoga to facilitate the unwinding from cellular memory.   Traditional Yoga Asanas are taught in an expanded manner that utilizes Shaktiveda Yoga’s Divine Sevenfold Path to release and rejuvenate.  From her decades as a chiropractor, she blends this information with her understanding of Ayurveda and Yoga to truly address imbalances that affect us physically and emotionally.

All Chakras are addressed with this style of Ayurveda Yoga – and the emphasis of this course is the release of cellular memory that is held throughout the entire spine – affecting both our physical and etheric bodies. You will learn in depth knowledge of cellular memory that is held in the Pelvic area – particularly the Root and Sacral Chakras – and the Cervical / Thoracic spine – Heart and Throat Charkas — and, how all of this relates to our Navel Chakra (our Power Center). Discover what your pelvic pattern is and how it relates to the cellular memory that needs to be addressed and released.  This is intimately related to the cellular memory that is held in the Heart Chakra and may manifest in the thoracic spine, shoulders, and neck. As these old imbalances begin to unwind, one feels clearer, lighter, and has the ability to view life in a renewed perspective.

This transformational course is taught in an atmosphere which allows you to go deep within.

Each day is structured similarly to our Awaken Within Retreat – beginning with yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

Fee for Awaken Your Spine – Pelvic Pattern and Heart Centered:  $1,297  plus $224 for Ayurvedic vegetarian meals – if paid in full 3 weeks before the course begins, you will receive a $30 credit towards Shaktiveda Retail products.

Ask us for suggestions of places to stay while attending the course. The course is held at Shaktiveda Ranch – Grass Valley. There are numerous places to stay within a short driving distance from the Ranch.

It is important to have a basic understanding of both Yoga and Ayurveda to be able to attend this course.