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Handling emotions with Ayurveda

We are about to enter into the holiday season with a wide variety of celebrations. These range from Thanksgiving to New Years with  many in between that we will share with family and friends. These bring about challenges about handling emotions.

During these times with those closest, have you ever noticed  having a tendency to express sides of yourself that you would never show with other people? Are the unsettled, imbalanced emotional moods conveying your true self? Why would the unpleasant behaviors come out with those that we love? This seems counter intuitive as we would want to be our most loving with the ones that mean the most to us.

As you are reading, you might be thinking that this may not only happen when you are gathered for special occasions but may be part of your daily interactions with some people in you life.

Irritation, frustration, and impatience can quickly bubble up inside without notice – without much provocation.  Fiery reactions originate from a heart that is not at peace. This may be puzzling as you may have been meditating or doing yoga for a long time. Why would this still be happening inside?

handling emotions with Ayurveda
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Those with fire and Pitta in their body type will be more prone to this type of response. But anyone can be triggered due to  inflammation and unprocessed emotions. Its time to learn about handling emotions!

Those of you who have had a consultation with me know that this is also related to your Chakra Life Lesson. Each one of us is a soul who has come into this life with a theme or a list of lessons that we will have the opportunity to work on as our life unfolds.

The key in understanding why we may have certain uncomfortable tendencies is having awareness that we have aspects of our lives that need to be acknowledged. This involves having the clarity to view ourselves with an open mind and heart. As we begin to look deeply at ourselves, it is important that we not criticize what we may find. This will impede our progress. Lovingly viewing and accepting what we may need to work on allows us to fill our being with more love and light.

Consider herbs that will help you handle emotions better.

In future newsletters, I will be writing more about this path towards finding true inner peace and inner joy within.