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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Increases Ojas / Consciousness

One of the Primary reasons that we should incorporate Ayurveda into our lives is to increase the flow of consciousness in our Mind/Bodies. Consciousness is manifest within us through Ojas.
Ojas is the most subtle, refined level of our physiology. In the Manifest Creation it is known as Ojas. On the level of Consciousness it is know as Soma.

Soma (or Ojas) is the sweet Bliss of Divinity — the Nectar of the Gods.

  • A Sattivic Lifestyle will increase the ojas within you.  This is a Life Supporting Lifestyle.
  • A Tamasic Lifestyle will decrease the ojas within you.

Ojas will be increased by:

  • Regular Meditation
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Sattvic Foods: Ghee, Dates, Rice, Fresh Fruits (especially sweet grapes, figs, melons), well cooked fresh vegetables, foods that are not processed, foods free of chemicals, foods cooked by a conscious cook (with the attention on the food while in preparation)
  • Following an Ayurvedic Daily Routine – with attention to the Times of Day
  • Ayurvedic Cleansing will assist Ojas in flowing freely throughout the body
  • Quiet time in the day – free from excessive noise and talking

Alcohol is the direct opposite of Ojas. Here is a quote from Charaka Samhita:

“Madya (wine) having entered into the heart counteracts the ten properties of ojas with its corresponding ten properties and thus upsets the mind. Wine prosesses ten properties such as light, hot, sharp, finely entering, sour, quickly absorbed, quick-acting, rough, depressent, and non-slimy. (On the other hand), ojas possesses ten properties of heavy, cold, soft, smooth, viscous, sweet, stable, clear, slimy and unctuous. Wine counteracts the properties of ojas by its own properties. . . Thus disturbing quickly the mind dependent on ojas produces narcosis.

The first stage of intoxication starts when the heart is stimulated but the ojas is not affected; the second stage comes when ojas is damaged and the third stage comes when ojas is damaged severely.”

Ojas is also disturbed by Pungent & Sour taste. The ojas of Pitta constitution will be particularly affected by these two tastes.

People of Pitta Constitution will have a greater tendency to “burn” their ojas. When the ojas is “burned” within an individual, the sweetness is less. There will be a harshness or somewhat of a difficult nature.

Holding on to old negative emotions, old angers, old resentments, and old criticisms will also have their effect on the amount of ojas within you.

It is so very important for spiritual growth that one be mindful of the old patterns that may be pulling one into ways of thinking an behaving that may not be in one’s best interest. Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta Grass Valley, CA 95945
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