Discover Your Chakra Life Lesson


In this consult, Dr. MaryJo Cravatta will assist you in understanding your Chakra / Kosha Life Lesson.


The purpose of this 1 hour consult is to assist you in gaining a broader interpretation of your life, why you may continue certain types of undesirable habits, or the reasons you may fall back into old patterns of thinking, doing, and behaving. Many on a spiritual journey find this knowledge invaluable. This unique perspective supports your ability to objectively view yourself. This will aid the release of patterns and cellular memory that are keeping you from experiencing the Joy that life has to offer. To be effective, it is important that you are able to honestly look at your self with an open mind and heart.

Dr. Cravatta will feel your Ayurvedic pulse by distance. The emphasis of this consult is to discuss your Chakra Life Lesson. If you are in need of additional assistance with health concerns, we suggest that you schedule the full Initial Exam with Dr. Cravatta after this consult. Remember, the purpose of this consult is for Dr. Cravatta to explain your Chakra Life Lesson – the more that you need to say, the less time the doctor will have to speak. Be sure to take complete notes. If after reviewing your notes you have questions, you may wish to schedule an additional ┬áconsult to continue the discussion of your Life Lesson.