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Ayurvedic Consultation / Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. MaryJo Cravatta

Dr. Cravatta specializes in Ayurvedic Pulse

Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis is an integral part of your Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta.  With her ability to do Distance Pulse, it is possible to have your appointment either in person, or on the phone or Skype.

Dr. Cravatta first began her study of Ayurveda in 1979. She then went on to study Chiropractic. She graduated Magna cum Laude in 1987. It was just a few months later in January 1988 that she was fortunate to learn Pulse Diagnosis or Nadi Vigyana from a monk who had studied pulse with an incredible Ayurvedic Vaidya in India. She immediately recognized that she had a special talent in feeling Ayurvedic Pulse. Her abilities with pulse have continued to expand over the years. Her advanced proficiency allows her to discover the deeper underlying imbalances that are affecting your state of health and well being.

She has cognized many layers in the pulse. One of them indicates what Chakra you are working in this life. Another is the Kosha that affects this Chakra. Together they allow Dr. Cravatta to have an understanding of what your life lessons are. This facilitates an easier understanding of why your life has unfolded in the way that it has.

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