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Mantra Meditation / Subtle Awareness Technique Meditation SAT

Mantra Meditation

Shaktiveda Yoga has combined several different methods to address the subtle imbalances that someone may have.  These therapies include:  Hatha Yoga Asanas (Awaken Within Yoga, Awaken Your Spine Yoga, and Awaken Throughout Yoga), Pranayama / Breathing Techniques, and Meditation.  To learn more information on Awaken Within Yoga, please visit the website.

The Meditation of Shaktiveda Yoga is a combination of several styles – each one with specific purposes.  This may include mantra meditation, guided meditation, focused attention, chanting, contemplation, or self inquiry.   Each style of meditation has it purpose and benefits.

Mantra Meditation has two main styles in Shaktiveda Yoga – that of clearing the Chakras with the Chakra Mantras and with using a Mantra that was chosen for you from what has been felt in your pulse with Dr. Cravatta.   This style, where Dr. Cravatta chooses the mantra that resonates with what you are currently working on is called Subtle Awareness Technique (SAT).

Daniel Skiles of Portland, Oregon has this to say about learning Subtle Awareness Technique Meditation:

“If you want to learn how to meditate, I highly recommend learning from Dr. MaryJo Cravatta This woman is the best meditation teacher I have ever met. There are many wonderful mediation techniques and “non-techniques” out there, but this is the simplest, most effective way to slip into unbounded awareness. The mechanics of the technique are similar to Transcendental Meditation, if you are familiar with that, but these mantras Mary Jo are giving come directly from Mahavatar Babaji, of whom she is a direct disciple (the Babaji in Autobiography of A Yogi), and are chosen based upon which life lessons you are currently working on in this incarnation, to facilitate the release of cellular memory (karma) acquired from this incarnation as well as past incarnations. As these imprints dissolve, the mind can sink deeper and deeper into finer levels of thought until all activity of the mind dissolves into a state of unbounded awareness, or “samadhi.”


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