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Restorative Yoga – Root Chakra – Ayurveda

Legs Up the Wall, or Viparita Karani (Restorative Yoga for Root Chakra)

Legs Up the Wall, or Viparita Karani is the Restorative Yoga Pose used on the Awaken Within Yoga DVD for the Root Chakra.  This calming Yoga Asana is designed to relax the entire body and mind.  It allows the floor of your pelvic area and tailbone to relax and unwind.  There are several variations recommended on the DVD so that this posture is helpful for many people – those beginning yoga along with experienced yogis.

The Root Chakra is the first of the body’s Energy Centers.  It is related to the Earth Element.  The Sanskrit Mantra for the Root Chakra is Lam.  It is pronounced as if it were spelled “Lum”.

The Root Chakra is closely associated with Apana Vata – the downward moving Vata that is in the abdominal area. It is responsible for elimination of toxins, feces, menstrual blood, and urine.  It is also closely related to the subdosha Prana Vata – the upward Vata in the head, brain, – and also flowing throughout the entire body.  When it is disturbed it can bring an active, busy mind, depression, insomnia, decreased energy, decreased memory or focus, or an overall sense of dis-ease.

Awaken Within Yoga is part of the knowledge of Shaktiveda Yoga.  A Yoga style that encourages a conscious connection during practice – allowing you to heal on subtle levels and bring a greater clarity and energy into your daily life.

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