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Ayurvedic Nasya Oils

Ayurvedic Nasya Oils from Shaktiveda Herbal are handcrafted with the finest ingredients. Our full line of Ayurvedic products are made with care and attention to detail in our Shaktiveda Clinic.

Nasya Oils are designed to be used in the nostrils for a quick input into the blood stream and nervous system. Our Nasya Oils may also be used on Ayurvedic Vital Energy Points known as Marma Points.  For example, you may apply a drop of Depth of Being Nasya Oil to Talahridaya Marma Point on the palm of your hand.  Gently massage in a clockwise circle – will enhance awareness throughout, but especially in the hands – ideal for body workers, but also very good before meditation.

Putting Nasya Oil into your nostrils has many benefits. First of all, having oil in the nostrils is pacifying to Vata Dosha. This allows the epithelial tissue in the nostrils to remain moist and less susceptible to dryness, pollen, environmental allergens / pollutants, and nose bleeds due to dry air. Depending on the base oil and the specific herbs in the formula, there are effects for the head, nervous system, mental / emotional states, allergies, hormones, neck pain, headaches, post nasal drip, memory, insomnia, depression, tinnitis – to name a few – the list could go on and on.

To apply, we recommend that you tilt your head back to allow the oil to easily go into your nostrils. It is actually best to lie down and tip your head into extension. When you are in the correct position, take a deep breath in, completely exhale and hold the exhale. Use the dropper that comes in the nasya bottle and apply 2 drops of oil into each nostril. Then take a deep breath in. You may wish to pinch your nostrils with your thumb and index finger as you take this deep inhale to allow the oil to go further in.

Depending on your personal needs, it is recommended that you apply the Nasya Oil 2 times per day. If you have a Vata imbalance in your upper body, you may desire to apply it more often (i.e. Prana Vata or Udana Vata). You may apply almost anytime you would like except it is best to not apply immediately before or after a shower, or immediately before lying down to sleep at bedtime – best to apply at least 1/2 hour before lying down in bed.

In addition to applying with the dropper, you may also choose to put 1 drop on your index finger to apply a thin coating of the oil in your nostrils. This is especially good to do when in a dry environment such as air conditioning or in an airplane. You may apply in this way as many times as you would desire.

If the dropper has touched your nostrils as you apply the oil, we recommend that you wipe the tip of the dropper with a tissue before you replace it back into the bottle. This will facilitate your oil staying fresher.

To purchase Shaktiveda Ayurvedic Nasya Oils please visit our Ayurvedic Product Page. Not all Nasya Oils are listed on the product page – please email or phone to purchase our full line of Nasya Oils. Below, please find a list of current Shaktiveda Herbal Nasya Oils:

Depth of Being
Serenity Within
Balance Within
Neuro Pattern Release
Clarity Within (Divine Intervention)
Shanti Luna
Luna Rejuv
Solar Rejuv
Allergy Relief
Breathe Clear

You may be interested in hearing what one of our patients has experience with our Breathe Clear Nasya Oil:

I love the Breathe Clear Nasya Oil! I have always been slightly congested and often used nasal strips to breathe at night.  Now I just put a few drops of the oil in my nose morning and night and my breathing is so easy.  Thank you! – RS, Northern California


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