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Ayurveda Guided Group Cleanse

The Detox Veda Guided Group Cleanse

Shaktiveda is very happy to announce that we will be assisting you in a Group Ayurveda Cleanse 3 times per year.  Part 1 of the cleanse will begin January 11, 2015. Part 2 of the cleanse, Detox Veda, will begin January 25, 2015

We are very please to be offering you this in depth mind / body cleanse. Many cleanses just focus on a physical cleanse. With our Shakti Infused herbal products and our Awaken Within Yoga DVD we are able to assist you in addressing old mental or emotional imbalances along with physical toxins.

For more information, please visit our Main Page for the Detox Veda Guided Group Cleanse.

All of the different techniques in our Group Cleanse are designed to either loosen toxins and impurities (ama) or to eliminate the toxins and impurities. Ama can be deposited in to any of the cells of the body, but it likes to go to our weak areas and to the joints. With the passage of time and an accumulation of ama, we begin to notice that either one or several of our bodily systems may not be functioning at the optimum. Many times we may think that it is “just old age” setting in. But in reality, the tissues and cells are being smothered and not able to properly communicate with the rest of the body. These areas begin to feel separate, and our ability to heal ourselves is compromised. Through the techniques of the Cleanse, we begin the process of removing the ama and allowing our inner intelligence to flow freely.

Using an herbal Nasya Oil in your nostrils is effective for addressing many imbalances such as an active busy mind or working on emotional concerns. As the nose is the doorway to the brain, this treatment allows the herbs to be immediately absorbed into the nervous system. It is also effective for imbalances from the shoulders up to the head. It is ideal if you use the recommended Nasya Oil one to two times per day.

Knowing that the Detox Veda program is designed to remove ama from our bodies, it is important to realize that we need to incorporate more of an Ayurvedic life style so that we can minimize the amount of toxins that we may accumulate in the future.  Following conscious eating habits is a necessary aspect to our living with more awareness. Maintaining a good daily routine after Pancha Karma will facilitate holding the effects for a longer period of time.

Have you given yourself the Ayurvedic Self Massage? It only takes 5 minutes before your shower. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing. Shaktiveda Herbal has many wonderful massage oils to choose from.

Some of you may choose to incorporate a therapy in Pancha Karma called an Oil Basti, or sesame oil enema. Basti allows for the elimination of the loosened toxins and doshic imbalances that have accumulated in the colon. The matra basti, or nutritive basti, is composed of herbalized sesame oil. If you decide you would like to have this as part of your cleanse, you may purchase the appropriate oil from Shaktiveda Herbal. According to Charaka Samhita, many of the benefits of the entire Pancha Karma treatment program are achieved through the administration of the basti.

Some important considerations during your Group Cleanse include:  eating less than usual to divert  the body’s energy from digestion, allowing it to focus on repair, minimizing physical exercise and sexual activity so that we can focus more inward, and drinking lots of pure hot water to facilitate the cleansing process.

During your DetoxVeda Group Cleanse, you may choose to include some type of body therapy to assist in your healing process. This might include: massage, shirodhara, marma therapy, steam therapy, or sitting in the bath tub! If you are fortunate to have an Ayurvedic Center in your area, you may see which therapies they offer.

We recommend that you set up your life so that this cleanse can also include a bit of quiet time – you may still work during these 2 weeks, but it is best to have less responsibilities and “worldly” interactions such as going to the movies or parties. We suggest that you incorporate at least one of the yoga poses from the Awaken Within Yoga DVD each day of your cleanse and make time for the entire DVD at least once per week.

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