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Ayurveda Liver Cleanse

Doing a Liver Cleanse is beneficial to health as the Liver is one of the most important organs in the body.  It has over 300 different functions – one of the main activities is cleansing and filtering  the blood.  After we eat any food,  the digested, liquified nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream, and then it immediately travels to the Liver via the Portal Vein in order to be cleansed of toxins and then this “cleansed” blood is sent throughout the entire body.  The toxins (chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, etc) are stored in the Liver – usually contained within cholesterol.   These little “packages” of stored toxins stay in the Liver, waiting for an opportunity to be released.   The Liver not only stores these physical toxins, but will also hold on to emotional toxins, or ama, as well.  This can cause someone to become irritable, angry, impatient, have resentments, or have a tendency to have negative thoughts.

The Liver is responsible for processing hormones – this is a very important aspect for peri and post menopausal women – but, of course, for everyone, as corticosteroid hormones are necessary for the health of all.  The cholesterol that is manufactured by the Liver is used as  buildings block for these hormones.

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta has developed a method of cleansing and balancing the Liver that is called Ranjaka Shodhana Therapy.  The Sanskrit name for the Liver is Ranjaka Pitta.  The word Shodhana means cleansing.  Ranjaka Shodhana oil is used for this therapy. For more information on this, you may wish to have a consultation with Dr. Cravatta.  Shaktiveda offers a Group Cleanse January, May, and September.  This Liver Cleanse is one of the varieties of cleansing that is available.  For more information, please contact our office.  Our Winter 2015 Group Cleanse will begin January 11, 2015.  January 25th, we will have our Detox Veda Group Cleanse – to release toxins, cellulite, and excess weight – our Premier Cleansing Program that is truly effective!

Here is what one of our patients has to say about Ranjaka Shodhana Therapy:

I have been taking the Ranjaka Shodhana oil for three consecutive months. I take it at night daily for a week and then purge with Castor Oil.  The first week I took it I felt irritable and witnessed how I was subtly judgmental and sharp with others.  I also found with some effort, the ability  to change this.  The second month I took the oil, I saw again how I was subtly not life supporting to others and leaked anger on others.  I want to be sweeter and supportive and found I was able to make more changes.  The third month I took the oil I found myself easily emotional and saw how for 20 years I had stayed angry at my former husband.  I had prayed and meditated for 20 years in attempts to let go and forgive, but had never fully been successful.  I felt with the help of the oil there was a final lifting of the anger towards him.  I felt a lightness and relief. The oil had enabled me to accomplish releasing emotions that in the past my intellect and prayers had not fully accomplished.   I am going to continue to use the oil monthly, because each time it has brought me more and more freedom.  Thank you so much for creating this product. – RS, Grass Valley, CA

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