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Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas / Powdered Churnas

Ayurvedic Herbal  Formulas / Churnas are mixtures of powdered herbs. The word Churna means powdered mixture. It is best to take Ayurvedic herbs in this way as it allows your body to taste the herbs. When you put them in capsules or in pill form, the body does not have the same awareness of what is entering the stomach. It will make it much more difficult to properly digest the herbs. This is one of the main reasons that Shaktiveda Herbal formulas are in the powdered / churna state.

Shaktiveda Herbal Churnas  / Ayurvedic Formulas

Calm Within – for a calm and quiet body & mind

Lightness of Being – to enhance awareness before meditation and yoga

Healing Within – to facilitate the gentle release of cellular memory in the Layers of the Etheric Body & Koshas

Cleanse Within – a gentle, effective bowel cleanser that also encourages ama / toxins to leave the body – great for weight loss

Soothing Pitta Magic – allows one to have an ease with their emotions – to feel soothed and nurtured

Clarity Within – assists in releasing the feeling of separation from the Divine – affects Pragyaparad

Ease Within – digestive aid to allow better function, release gas and bloating

Adios Ama – facilitates a complete digestion and release of excess fat, ama, and toxins – ideal for weight loss – part of the Detox Veda Line

Luna Rejuv  – assists in balanced emotions for the peri and post menopausal woman

Body Trauma Release – assists in relieving cellular memory stored in the body from trauma – emotional and physical

Agni Enhancer – assists in having a properly functioning digestive fire / agni – for better digestion

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