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Calming Herbs (Calm Within)

Calm Within Herbal Churna

Calming Herbs

Calm Within Ayurvedic Herbal Formula

The Shaktiveda Herbal Product Calm Within is designed to release stress from the nervous system, quiet a busy mind, and relieve bodily tension – this Shakti Infused formula is perfect to unwind and relax. You will notice within a few days that you are better able to respond to your busy day with a sense of stability and calmness. This formula is a combination of a variety of Ayurvedic herbs that synergistically work together to have a profound effect on your mind and nervous system. This in turn will allow you to feel calmer during the day and have a deeper nights sleep. You may take 1/2 tsp in warm water 1 or 2 times per day. Most prefer to also take it at bedtime for a deeper sleep. You may add it to just a small amount of water or fill a large cup. It is very delicious to drink as a hot tea. You may also wish to try it with adding a sweetener and some milk (cow, soy, rice, almond) and to have this as a Chai type of beverage. You may purchase the Herbal Formula Calm Within at Shaktiveda’s Shopping Cart.

One of our patients wanted you to know her thoughts about Calm Within:
“I use this formula when I’m feeling distracted, scattered, overstimulated, overworked or anxious. If I have had too much stimulation or interaction it will actually help energize and rejuvenate me. Other times it helps me unwind, relax and feel calm. It also aids in releasing muscular tension, pain, and stress held in the body. It either helps my thoughts slow down so I can focus or helps me to stop thinking depending on the time of day, when I take it and what I need. I have never used a tea or herbal formula that makes me feel this way. I don’t travel or go out of town without it and have had only positive reactions to anyone I have given or recommended it to.”

MD, Oakland, CA

Ingredients:  Nardostachys jatamansi, Lavandula spp, Valeriana wallichii, Withania somnifera, , Elettaria cardamomum, Asphaltum, Zingiber officinal, , Glycyrrhiza glabra, , Rock Salt, Cuminum cyminum, Curcuma longa, , Berberis vulgar, piper longum, Apium graveolens
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