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Ayurveda Yoga / Shaktiveda Yoga

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta, founder of Shaktiveda Ayurveda, believes that to become Abundantly Healthy that it is important that we incorporate a variety of healing practices into our daily routine. Living a Shaktiveda Ayurvedic Lifestyle includes a regular routine, Eating for our specific needs, following conscious eating habits, daily meditation, daily yoga, and seasonal cleansing.

The Shaktiveda Ayurveda style of Yoga is called Shaktiveda Yoga – this includes the knowledge of Ayurveda Yoga. The Shaktiveda staff has finished the first in a series of DVDs for Shaktiveda Yoga. The first video is called: Awaken Within Yoga.  To learn more about the Awaken Within Yoga DVD, please read this article

We have added 6 new Shaktiveda Yoga instructors.  They will be teaching the 1 1/2 hour Awaken Within Yoga class as well as the 3 hour special Awaken Within Yoga Workshop that includes fascinating information on the Chakras.  These classes will be taught in the SF Bay Area, Placerville, CA, Ojai, CA, Portland, OR, and Briggs, ID.  In the coming months you will see the schedule of classes in our calendar.   Do you live in another area?  You may contact us about setting up the 3 hour Awaken Within Yoga Workshop in your area. Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta Grass Valley, CA 95945
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Experience the Joy that can be experienced by the Shaktiveda Ayurveda approach to health and well being. You may have your consultation by either phone or by Skype.