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Awaken Within Yoga

The Awaken Within Yoga DVD has been designed to effectively address imbalances that are keeping you from experiencing a sense of well being and wholeness. It is a DVD of Restorative Yoga and Chakra Yoga.  It is the first in a series of DVDs for Shaktiveda Yoga.  

In the many years of Dr. Cravatta’s practice, she has found that people are being held back by the “strings” of old patterns. Subconsciously, one is pulled back into ways of thinking and behaving that is not life supporting.

Perhaps you have recognized that you respond to situations with a variety of reactions – irritation, frustration, anger, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or a sense of being stuck. These are all caused by an underlying reservoir of Cellular Memory being held in the Chakras / Energy Centers or the 5 Layers / Koshas of your Etheric Body.

You may have the best of intentions to improve all aspects of your life with meditation, yoga, counseling, proper diet, and exercise but you are aware that these same old ways keep on popping up.

Ayurvedic Therapies are combined in the Awaken Within Restorative Yoga DVD to facilitate the release of this stored Cellular Memory. These include: Restorative Yoga Poses, Chakra Mantras, Healing Affirmations, Inspired Music, and gentle Awareness on specific Energy Centers.

You will be guided through each Yoga Posture. There are variations of each pose so that you may choose which one is best for your body or health concern. Each of the seven Chakras / Energy Centers has a specific Restorative Yoga Pose with the purpose of loosening what ever may be distorting your true inner light. The pose is held for approximately 10 minutes. You may choose to put attention on just one Chakra or complete the entire series of poses. If you are just emphasizing one Chakra, it is suggested that you have the experience of all Chakra Yoga Poses at least once per week.

The Awaken Within Yoga DVD is now available.   To watch the teaser for the DVD, click this link:

Awaken Within Yoga teaser

For more information please visit our Awaken Within Yoga website. You will be able to get a view into the making of the DVD – including seeing photos and reading the bios of the peaceful, sattvic yogis of the video along with our divine musician. We are frequently adding articles on Yoga and the Chakras, so please be sure to visit the website often. Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta Grass Valley, CA 95945
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