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Tips for Releasing Old Patterns and Cellular Memory

Through Dr. MaryJo Cravatta’s years of practice, she has seen that in order to truly assist her patients in healing their health concerns that it is absolutely necessary to address the deeper underlying energetic imbalances that pull them back in old patterns, old ways of thinking, and old ways of reacting. To do otherwise, is really just addressing the symptoms. Of course, one may say that with Ayurveda we are addressing the Doshic imbalances. However, what may be underlying the Doshic imbalances of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha? This perspective on healing is what Dr. Cravatta calls Shaktiveda Ayurveda and is based on her experience of helping tens of thousands of patients over the last 3 – 4 decades. Her understanding is through the knowledge that was given to her by her Guru Kriya Babaji.

For the best results, we suggest a pulse reading with Dr. Cravatta. However, to get you started, here are a few suggestions:

1. To release cellular memory, we need to honestly look at ourselves – our thoughts, our emotions, our ways of acting or reacting to what may come up in our daily lives.

2. Keeping a regular journal is very helpful. Do you see themes repeating themselves of how you may be responding to your interactions with others or to any stresses that  may come up in your life?

3. Have a regular time of peace and silence each and every day. This may be: yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, and / or times of contemplation.

4. Doing at least one of the poses on the Awaken Within Yoga DVD each day and taking the affirmations to heart. Choosing one of the affirmations to look at more closely and how your life would change if you lived the wisdom of that affirmation. This assists you in unwinding from cellular memory that may be stored in your Chakras and Layers of your Etheric Body.

5. Drinking one cup of Shaktiveda’s Healing Within tea – nice to have before meditation or yoga. As this powerful herbal formula loosens old cellular memory, we suggest that you only drink one cup per day. This is one of our main herbal products for releasing cellular memory.

6. Applying Shaktiveda’s Neuro Pattern Release Nasya Oil once or twice per day. This amazing oil is one of our main herbal products for releasing cellular memory.

7. Joining us for our distance Mind / Body Group Cleanse which is offered three times each year: January, May, and September. We offer our cleanse in two parts. Part 1 – Liver Cleanse – is highly effective for releasing physical and emotional imbalances. Part 2 also releases cellular memory with an emphasis on releasing toxins / ama from body and mind. You may join either Part or both Parts. Each Part is 14 days.

8. For those who want to delve even further into releasing cellular memory, we suggest either attending our inperson retreats: Awaken Your Spine and / or Awaken Within.